Retirement is not the end of your social life.. Its  only a new beginning.

A common dilemma faced by retired personnel from public service sector is..

What next??

A compulsory retirement at the age of 56 from an ultra active service life is a bit difficult, and maybe even depressing. The rest of your life might seem to be very little excitement and a whole lot of confusion.

One cannot simply forget all the happiness that service life has to offer. Cases.. investigations.. the excitement of knowing the truth.. the bliss that comes from helping people.. Giving up all these might be unacceptable to some of you.

We say.. Age is not a barrier to do what you love.. the passion in your heart decides how old you are.

Why sit idle after retirement, when you can get a second chance at all the fun?

We offer you an opportunity to awaken the investigator inside you!!

Kick start your service life once again by being a part of Garuda Investigation Wing.

Your experience and talent are an asset for our team.

Be with us to reach new heights. We assure you a good package with many other benefits.

Lets write this success saga together, Shall we?