CEO’s message

Our company Garuda detectives is devoted to contribute the most innovative and exceptional ways of investigation and consultation services for all problems of our clients with the help of latest technology and expertise. We take immense pride in our commitment to provide all kinds of personal and professional detective services in a responsive and high quality manner. There is no doubt our services are the direct reflection of our individual capabilities, personalities and experiences. Consequently we strive to build a client to consultant relationship that is mutually rewarding.

At Garuda Detectives service is not simply a concept. It’s how we develop and maintain customer loyalty. The primary intention is to understand the hassle of our customers and by a distinct study of the problem. We provide the best available solution within the ideal time frame and within the frames of confidentiality. We have a young group of skilled investigators and counsellors who work with the motto “never allow anyone to be a victim”. In todays world it is easy to get deceived, being cautious is the only way to stay safe. Everybody has the right to lead a happy life. A happy life depends on the people we are surrounded with and the situations, personal and professional dealings and transactions we are taking part in. Our aim is to pave the right way for you.

We are always on a path of continuous improvement by opening more branches inside and outside Kerala. Hand in hand we take the journey to pioneer the way in this fast paced environment as we are on a mission towards creating a safer environment to all our customers. We truly work with honour towards our vision of a safer and wonderful world.