Founder and CEO

Mr Sangeeth Sahadev is a young and vibrant entrepreneur, who, with his tremendous managerial capabilities and his foresight, is a businessman by profession as well as passion.  A motivated and self confident person with wonderful interpersonal skills, to Mr. Sangeeth, being of service to the public is the essence of his profession. With a bachelors degree in Social Work (BSW), he set out into the field of personal protection and investigation with the sole purpose of helping people and providing employment opportunities along with leaving an impact in the society. He did his Diploma in Private Detective (DPD) from International Forensic Sciences (IFS), Pune, Maharashtra, a unit of the esteemed Indian Forensic Sciences. He later completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Crime Scene Investigation under the same organisation and has also done additional courses in the fields of graphics designing, mind power, NLP sales and business marketing.  Mr. Sangeeth started out his career under the Indian Detectives and International Investigators agency,  Seidapettu, Chennai wherein he served for almost an year. He further went on to work for over 16 agencies all over India, mainly based in Delhi, Kerala and Bangalore for the next couple of years. At the end of this period, with a vision to contribute on a higher level to his profession, he quit and started his own private detective agency at the age of 26 – Sreesagar Investigation Wing pvt ltd based in Calicut, Kerala, widely promoted as Garuda Detectives, of which he is the CEO. The agency boasts of a strong network throughout the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka with multiple offices functioning in all these states, providing foolproof, secure and dependable data to its vast clientele. Garuda Detectives also has reach and visibility all over India and clients at the international level alongside having connections spanning into the IB, RAW, Vigilance, Police force and the CBI. Through his sincere hard work and commitment, he aspires to elevate his agency into India’s no.1 private detective agency in a span of 5 years and into one of the top 10 detective agencies in the world in the next 10 years.  Apart from his career, Mr. Sangeeth is also a dynamic and efficient Deal Maker bringing about new business ventures and prospects in various parts of the state.  Mr. Sangeeth is presently also penning down a to-the-point and precise syllabus for the same, which is expected to be published by the beginning of 2021.  His personal and professional mentors who motivate him to achieve success in life include Dr. P P Vijayan and Dr. Jiji Vijayan through the platform of Lifeline.  Career role models include commendable civil servants like Mr. Vijayan IPS, Mr.Sendkumar IPS, Mr. Jacob Thomas IPS with other Legends Dr APJ Abdul kalam, Dr.MM Basheer, Raveendra Koushik, RN Kao whose life stories have always served as an inspiration to him in difficult times. Business role models he looks up to include personalities like Masayoshison, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon musk, Sundar Pichai, and M A Yusuf Ali. With his leadership qualities, innovative ideas and foresight, and a burning desire to attain excellence in all spheres of life, Mr. Sangeeth is undoubtedly a positive force to reckon with.