Legal Assurance

  • Garuda Detectives is an ISO certified Company and part of the Sreesagar investigation wing private limited company and hence all agreements (articles and memorandum) submitted in association with us have complete value and authenticity in front of court.
  • After ID verification, if we get a good track record of the customer which ensures his character, he will be provided with a deal letter which includes the terms and conditions and charges and demands for the services he had requested. Customer should read and sign the letter for our executives to proceed with the case. In case we get a bad report of customer during ID verification, Garuda Detectives reserves the right to deny our services. In India, there are many authorized and unauthorized detective agencies with only one intention that is to earn money. They are mostly unconcerned about the genuinety of the case or the customer.
  • Due to the existence of our refund policy, under no circumstances need you worry about monetary losses.