Our Procedure

We have a pre-established procedure pathway that needs to be followed by customers to register a case with us and find its solution. A customer who would like to have our assistance may first call to the below mentioned garuda consulting desk number. The number is reachable 24×7. +91-7510607070 our consulting desk executive will be attending the call and there you can enquire all your queries. If you have called to avail our service regarding any matter, you will be asked to register the case with your name and other details. Soon after registration and enquiring the nature of the case, Garuda consulting desk proceeds the case to our corresponding professional executive. A security deposit of Rs.1000 is payable by the customer after case registration.

This is mainly so as to ensure that only genuine customers reach us, spam and fake calls are filtered out and our valuable time is not wasted. Different payment methods such as paytm, internet banking etc are available to pay this amount. After the credit of security deposit to the company account of Sreesagar investigation wing Private Limited, our executive will move forward with id verification and look into the basic particulars and genuinity of the case. They will attend to your concerns in detail, either via phone or directly and will be providing you with our service particulars and a best possible solution. You gain many benefits by consulting at Garuda Detectives as opposed to any by consulting at Garuda Detectives as opposed to any other agency in the field. Here, the customer gets time to prepare mentally for discussion as our executive will make calls or visit you in person if required as per your preferable time. It’s very important to have a free time and a suitable place to discuss the case.

The time customer wishes to receive the executives call can be communicated with the consulting desk during the registration of the case. This is an added advantage which makes you comfortable during the discussion. As an authorized detective agency all our cases are systematically stored and checked frequently. When a customer makes a call to our consulting desk, after the basic procedure we will be feeding all the details of the conversation to our system. Post registration, id verification, confirmation of genuinity of the case and other formalities regarding accepting of the case, our team of efficient and highly trained professionals including psychiatrists, lawyers, retired police officers, doctors who work in different departments, experienced officials from CBI, IB, RAW, military, human rights workers and social workers will be proposing a permanent/temporary solution after detailed analysis and study. With co-operation of the concerned authorities, we ensure the customer the best possible solution to their case as fast as possible.

We have 7 wings apart from this Consulting wing.These are Investigation wing, Cyber wing, Forensic wing, Training wing, Protection wing, Administrating wing and Research wing. Most of the cases will be resolved in no time, but if a Most of the cases will be resolved in no time, but if a case gets delayed due to unavoidable or unforeseen reasons, the executive will inform the customer the reason for the delay, different ways we can adapt to solve the issue & how much more time it will take, by submitting a detailed report. If a customer calls to garuda consulting desk to discuss about any other important matter connected to our company or for seeking information regarding our services, the consultation fee will not be applicable. This fee of Rs.1000 must be deposited in our company account only for getting the opportunity to discuss matters regarding a case with our professional executive. As mentioned above, our first procedure to proceed with a case is registering the customer’s name at consultation desk. Since we provide best investigation and detailed reports that may involve one or more persons/business groups and their security, we verify the customers’ identity when they approach us for detective devices. This is also done so as to make sure we do not waste our valuable time with fake or spam calls. Customers who deny to pay the security deposit/id verification charge will not be getting any services from Garuda investigation wing, forensic wing, trainer’s wing, administration wing or protection wing.

Garuda detectives is an agency that intends to keep up the goodwill and happiness of its customers. We believe in justice, science, puranas and Vedhas.

We will not be supporting any kind of activity that goes against truth & justice. Hence the completion of ID verification is a & justice. Hence the completion of

ID verification is a must in our firm.

At the time of ID verification, if we get a good track record of the customer which ensures his character, he will be provided with a deal letter which includes the terms and conditions and charges and demands for the services he had requested. Customer should read and sign the letter for our executives to proceed with the case. In case we get a bad report of customer during ID verification, Garuda Detectives reserves the right to deny our services. In India, there are many authorized and unauthorized detective agencies with only one intention that is to earn money. They are mostly unconcerned about the genuinity of the case or the customer.

We, Garuda detectives is an authorized firm that follows a different style of investigation which has lead us in breaking many records of our competitors in the field. We are the first detective agency with money back/ refund policy. The first establishment of our agency is in Calicut, a place where both good culture and rich heredity resides. Situated in Kerala, Gods own country. The success of this venture further led us to the enhancement of business by opening 2 more branches in Calicut. Meanwhile we have also marked our presence in other districts by opening camp offices in different parts of the state. We also have a strong network outside kerala.

After the progressive & dynamic functioning of our Tamilnadu & Karnataka branches we took a step forward by opening our office in the capital city, Delhi. forward by opening our office in the capital city, Delhi. With the help of our international alliances we have also gained cases connected to foreign countries. With pride we can say that there are more than 1100 solved cases in our credit within a short span of 3 years. We are a recognized firm in the industry with a remarkable growth rate. Garuda detectives investigation wing has a strong battalion of experienced professionals who have retired from State intelligence & Central intelligence, Kerala police, vigilance, crime branch, cyber cell, CBI, Raw, NIA, Military, Navy, Air force, forensic department, antinarcotic cell & bomb squad. Apart from them we have a team of highly trained and efficient field operators.