Do you aspire to be a Private Detective??

“Garuda Detectives” offers you an exceptional opportunity to chase your dream… If you feel that you have a flair for becoming a Detective, then don’t hesitate. Rush to Garuda Detectives… We provide you a six months basic course, named BACKBONE which formulates the Detective within you. We are an ISO certified company, based in Calicut with more than eight years expertise in this field.

The demand for Private Detectives has increased enormously in India in the recent past. But there is a scarcity for expert professionals and the reason is lack of proper training. Credibility and Expertise are the two assets that carry this profession forward. Along with six months course, Garuda is also conducting one year and two years courses which are affiliated to Indian Forensic Science (IFS).

The courses are led by experienced Detective Professionals and retired Police Officers who were above SP Rank. The course material is the essence of more than 100 subjects. It’s a six years course which is capsuled into a short six months period. The candidates who have successfully completed the course will be capable of finding the truth behind various cases like kidnapping, cyber-crimes, murder, theft, cheating in personal life and business, financial fraudulence etc.

Those who successfully complete the course, get 100% placement with an average salary of upto Rs.50,000 per month.

Topics Include:

  • Main areas covered in the programme are Physical training, Investigation and Forensic Science. The physical training maintains a Police training pattern under the guidance of experts in the field.
  • Investigation part includes analysis and scrutiny of the case with facts, precise planning, maintaining the secrecy and timely completion.
  • DNA Finger Printing, Cyber Forensic, Mobile Forensic, Forensic Biotechnology, Forensic Photography etc are the main topics covered in Forensic sciences.
  • Communication skill: No matter what job you have in life, your success will be determined 80% by your communication skills.
  • Computer basics: Training in basic computer programs.
  • Yoga: Yoga helps you to achieve mental and physical fitness.
  • Martial Arts: Training in martial arts like Kalarippayattu and Karate will help you mastery over mind and gain confidence
  • Swimming: For the safety of self and others, swimming is very important in daily life.
  • Time Management: A Detective needs to Complete each case time bounded.
  • Relationship Management: Good Relationship helps you achieve success in life and profession
  • Mind Power Management: A Detective will face stress in various occasions. Mastery over the mind helps to reduce the stress.
  • Wealth Management: Wealth has to be earned through proper means. We will give you training on how to increase your personal wealth and how to spend it wisely.

Who can join for the Course?

There is no age bar. Since Backbone is the basic course, anyone who has passed SSLC can join for the course.