The company

We are an ISO Certified Private Limited Company with roots in Calicut, Kerala and is well equipped to deal with cases from all states of affairs. With ample knowledge and experience of Mr. Sangeeth Sahadev (Founder and CEO) in this arena, along with a set of dedicated staff, we are guaranteed to reach symbolic levels in the field of personal protection and private investigation in a short span of time.

Confidentiality, discretion, accountability, sensitivity of information & above all, professional integrity are a central part to how we operate.

We, at Garuda Detectives understand and value our clients and will continually strive to exceed your expectations at each and every level.

The word Garuda literally means eagle and depicts Accuracy, Agility and Speed. It is also the Indian name for the constellation Aquila which represents the bird who carried Zeus/Jupiter’s thunderbolts as per Roman Mythology.

Like an eagle that flies high up in the sky, we at Garuda Detectives are trained to fly above all your crossroads, problems and obstacles. Like an eagle that sharply sites its prey from far above and advances to grasp it, Garuda Detectives efficiently uncovers the truth and finds ways to reveal it.

Our sole aim is the well-being of our customers. We, at Garuda Detectives provide services according to customer requirements and we respect your privacy. The investigations are done discreetly and results are delivered earlier and more accurately.

Garuda detectives, being a responsible company focuses solely on results rather than on the effort that needs to be put in, into each and every investigation.

Our trained staff & experienced on duty detectives complete their work within the promised time and solve problems to its perfection.

Being headed by a team of young and motivated professionals, enables this company to take up risky jobs and yet undoubtedly guarantee 100% results